Asbestos Abatement, Removal and Mitigation Company in New Hampshire

Our family-owned New Hampshire Asbestos company specializes in abatement, removal and mitigation of asbestos in Lake Winnipesaukee as well as the entire White Mountain State.

Asbestos Abatement Removal Services in New Hampshire

What is Asbestos Abatement?

Asbestos Abatement is the process of removing the fiber release from asbestos-containing materials in a building or structure. It’s the act of removing material of any pollution in them. The process that our licensed professionals go through is very thorough regarding safety. The main goal is to prevent the spreading of asbestos fibers through the structure during the removal and cleaning process.

Why Do You Need to Have Asbestos Removed from Your Home or Business?

Asbestos fibers can cause health risks to humans and animals. Homes and businesses built prior to the 1980s have a good chance of containing asbestos in the materials of the structure. If the materials have any damages or defects to them, the tiny fibers from the asbestos are likely airborne, which can cause occupants to breathe this material in. When inhaled, these fibers are known to cause health issues including asbestosis and cancer.

How is Asbestos Removed (Process)?

First a thorough inspection by our licensed asbestos inspectors is done. This is done by surveying the structure and taking samples of any materials that may contain asbestos. Our independent laboratory analyses the materials and a report showing the composition of each sample is produced. If there is any asbestos containing materials, we create a quote for the abatement/removal of these materials.

When the home/business owner is ready to proceed, we are required by the regulations to notify the Department of Environmental Services (DES) of the scope of the work. This DES notification is used later by the owner to obtain their demolition or renovation permit from the town once the removal is completed.

On the day of the removal we first create a plastic “containment” for indoor work, or a marked off area for outside work. A negative air machine, is set up to scrub the air and keep particles from escaping out of the containment area. The workers enter and leave through a DECON unit, where they clean themselves and any bags of asbestos before leaving the area. Professional EPA approved HEPA vacuums are used to clean the area of all dust and debris. All asbestos materials are bagged up and labeled as required for transport. A Waste Shipment Manifest is created to accompany the asbestos waste to the landfill. The air inside the containment area is tested for air quality before the plastic coverings are removed. All necessary documentation is provided to the owners.

Alton, NH

The inspection and estimate was easy and the removal was scheduled within our limited timeframe. The team removed the material from the basements of a two hundred year old house with low ceilings and uneven floors. The basement was washed clean and everything left in good order. The removal and clean up exceeded our expectation. We would use All Demolition & Asbestos Services again when the need arises.

Alton, NH

Asbestos Removal Following Federal Regulations

We follow all Federal Regulations of the removal of asbestos.

  • AHERA – Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
  • NESHAP – National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
  • OSHA Regulations – Permissible Exposure Limits
  • Additional EPA Regulations – the EPA controls asbestos exposure and reporting through the Clean Air Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, The Asbestos Worker Protection Rule.

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