Asbestos Testing, Detection & Inspection Services in New Hampshire

Our asbestos inspection and testing services in the Lake Winnipesaukee region of New Hampshire includes a screening of a structure’s building materials by a collection of bulk and dusts to assess asbestos hazards. The reason for this is to access what might be harmful to the occupants of the structure. We carefully inspect, detect, and test for asbestos, so we can provide an organized solution moving forward.

Ashland NH

I had an excellent experience working with Daryl and Ernie. They were both informative and very helpful, from my initial call for the quote with Daryl, to the actual inspection, and then receiving all necessary paperwork. Dealing with Asbestos and the costly nature of the experience is very stressful. Daryl answered my questions, made suggestions, and even recommended grant programs to possibly offset my costs. I felt like they really cared about my situation and were willing to help any way they could. Of course they are in business to earn a living like we all are, but they showed a level of integrity with the information they gave me. Unfortunately, I don’t see that too often these days, so its refreshing to have an experience like this. Dealing with asbestos which is no fun at all but these folks made it bearable…. actually it was pleasant.

Ashland NH

What is Asbestos and Why is it So Dangerous?

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that is found in fire-resistant and insulation materials. It was used in over 3000 different products. For many years, it was used in building material because of its resistance to heat. Now, it is banned in many countries due to the health hazards of the mineral.

Inhaling this fiber material can lead to lung conditions including asbestosis and different forms of cancer. People who have become ill due to the exposure usually had been working directly with the material at their job over a long exposure period.

Why Choose All Demolition and Asbestos Services?


We are proud to be serving New England in the Lake Winnipesaukee region of New Hampshire. We are an independent, family owned company working with an independent laboratory testing our asbestos samples. We ensure all of our customers that they will not be mislead or taken advantage of in the process. We will review the results with them and explain options and solutions to the asbestos problem.

Asbestos Inspection and Testing Services are done by our family team, who are professionally licensed and certified to handle all aspects of asbestos work. Ensuring safety for everyone including homeowners and business owners.