Indoor Sheetrock/Plaster & Lath Removal in New Hampshire

At All Demolition & Asbestos Services, we have the knowledge and experience to safely remove indoor sheetrock/plaster and lath that contain asbestos, while following all state and federal regulations.

During the removal process, we build containment (plastic) rooms with a three stage DECON decontamination exit and use negative air pressure from air scrubbers to control dust and leave behind a clean workspace.

Do all these materials contain asbestos?

While most plaster/sheetrock materials that are made today do not contain asbestos, certain materials made prior to the 1980s do contain this dangerous mineral.

Many fire-resistant plasters that were heavily used from the 1940s through the late 1970s contain certain forms of asbestos which can be released into the air when these materials are being removed from a property.

Aside from fire-resistant plaster/sheetrock, asbestos can also be found in older specialty plaster products such as casts or decorative moldings.

What sites typically contain this?

Sheetrock/plaster and lath containing asbestos are typically found on walls that are fire-rated, meaning it is typically seen on older elevator shaft walls and the walls of commercial buildings. However, it is certainly possible to find in residential properties as well.

What are the health risks?

As asbestos is a dangerous mineral shown to cause certain cancers, it is extremely important to be careful when tearing down sheetrock/plaster and lath walls from your property.

It is important to wear a mask when working on these materials, as prolonged inhalation of asbestos fibers will increase the chances of you becoming ill down the road.

It is also important to note that there are some situations where there is vermiculite in walls and a full interior gut must be performed to remove the asbestos.

When you’re tearing these materials out of your property and would like them to be safely and effectively removed, we ask that you think of our team at All Demolition & Asbestos Services.

We have years of experience removing sheetrock/plaster, lath and more that contain asbestos and are proud to have a long list of clients that are pleased with the clean and professional results we provide.