Indoor Insulation & Vermiculite Removal in New Hampshire

At All Demolition & Asbestos Services, we have the knowledge and experience to remove indoor insulation and vermiculite that contain dangerous asbestos minerals. We follow all state and federal regulations and have the requisite licenses and qualifications to have the job done properly.

What is vermiculite insulation?

Vermiculite is a loose particle mineral that has been commonly used for insulation and has the appearance of un-popped silver popcorn.

Unfortunately, much of this insulation product came from a mica mine that had cross contamination of asbestos veins in Libby, Montana. The end product “Zonolite” has small amounts of asbestos.

Where is it found?

Vermiculite insulation is primarily found in attics and occasionally in outside wall cavities. While it will not release dangerous levels of asbestos when left alone, it can in fact release small amounts of the dangerous mineral into the air when it is disturbed or removed from an attic space.

What are the health risks?

Because asbestos fibers are microscopic and light weight, they float in the air for 72 hours after being released or disturbed during the removal process. This can cause an entire room to become contaminated after disturbing the insulation.

At All Demolition & Asbestos Services, we can test for the presence of asbestos and help you move through the process of removal. We can also assist you in the application process to qualify for partial reimbursement from the ZAI Trust.

We will be happy to get to work for you soon should you have vermiculate insulation in your home, and will do everything in our power to leave your home safe and free of these unwanted minerals.